Captain Everything!

Captain Everything! is a band that began in Watford, United Kingdom. The original members of the punk rock band are Jon Whitehouse, Lewis Froy, and Richard Phoenix, and all three of them met at Parmiter's School in Garston, Hertfordshire. They have previously been on tour all across the United Kingdom, and have released four albums, though they only saw limited success. In 1998, Captain Everything! released their first album titled "Music By Idiots" on the Hectic Records label, and had a total of 22 tracks.


ПОХОЖИЕ НА Captain Everything! ГРУППЫ

punk rock / punk / pop punk / skate punk / fast melodic punk

ДИСКОГРАФИЯ Captain Everything!

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Captain Everything!

Chance of a Lunchtime
We Used To Be Friends
Problem With Numbers
Rocket Science?
Petrol Fumes
The Bomb Song
Dear John Exam
Prince Charming
The Party's Next Door


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