Come Across Trachimbrod

Sweden Lukas Feurst (vocals) Hannes Ek (guitar) Dino Kuljaninovic (guitar) Oscar Sundling (bass) Max Anderhell (drums) Label: Tokyo Jupiter Records (jpn), Against it Records Discography: - 1st demo "Eclarion" CDr TJP009 Release Date : 6.09 (Asia) - 2009/ Eclarion - V/A "TOKYO JUPITER" (TJP011) - 2009/ Eating People Is Easy - 2010/ Split EP (Split CD with the spanish band called Marasme)


post-rock / instrumental / shoegaze / ambient / screamo

ДИСКОГРАФИЯ Come Across Trachimbrod

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Come Across Trachimbrod

Me, I Am Chaos
Patterns are Forlorn
Time Will Fall Into Oblivion
This Woman Doesn't Even Know Us
I Don't Even Know How I Got Here
Finding an Abyss
Lumos! Crystalline Water Ice
And You Will Be Remembered as Bouen
Medos (CAT-Remix By Precious Moments)


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