Fall Of Envy

Formed in 2005, Fall Of Envy is a five-piece, melodic, hard-rock band based out of Orlando, Florida. Fall Of Envy consists of Michael Baker (lead singer), Tommy Harrington (lead guitar), Chris Gaarlandt (rhythm guitar), Dave Rivenbark (bass), and Brandt Frenchman (percussions). Passionate and driven, Fall Of Envy has already seen their share of ups and downs, including the recent loss of their close friend and founding member, Greg Harrington. However, through it all, Fall Of Envy has proven their dedication, desire, and staying power.


post-grunge / alternative rock / hard rock / modern rock / modern hard rock

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Fall Of Envy

Smoking Gun
Poetic Rage
For You
Face To My Fist
White Flag
Fix Myself
Falling Apart
Open My Eyes


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