Juliana Hatfield

After Juliana Hatfield disbanded the jangle pop trio the Blake Babies in 1990, she launched a solo career, performing similarly melodic indie guitar pop. Singing in an endearingly thin voice, Hatfield married her ringing hooks to sweet, lovelorn pop and startlingly honest confessional songs. Her 1992 solo debut, Hey Babe, became a college radio hit, and its follow-up, 1994's Become What You Are, was primed to become a crossover success in the wake of the commercialization of alternative rock.


ПОХОЖИЕ НА Juliana Hatfield ГРУППЫ

female vocalists / alternative / singer-songwriter / indie / rock

ДИСКОГРАФИЯ Juliana Hatfield

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Juliana Hatfield

My Sister
Universal Heart-Beat
What a Life
Fleur de Lys
Everybody Loves Me But You
Dumb Fun
Live on Tomorrow
Peace and Love
Simplicity is Beautiful
Dying Proof


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