At an early age Bas started his interest in electronic music. When he was 16 he started making music with ft2 and later on with skaletracker. As a producer he was interested in all electronic music but hardcore soon got his attention. Nothing can be compared with hardcore, it’s technical and rough. After a few years, not producing much, he decided to start with a pro sequencer, synthesizers, et cetera in 2005. The new gear opened new doors. The first releases came; The Kasparov-black noise 12” and he remixed the famous Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa in the beginning of 2006.



hardcore / gabber / mainstream hardcore / hardstyle / darkcore

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Kasparov

Point Of No Return - Radio Edit
Around The World
pitch black
Keep Going
Part of the project
Trapped In This World
Living the dream
Around The World - Edit
Here We Go
Point Of No Return


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