Anomalia is their debut album from Norway’s Khonsu. The name may not ring a bell for most people (including me), but the lineup just might. You see, Khonsu is the brainchild of guitarist S. Gronbech, who just happens to be the brother of Keep of Kalessin guitarist/mainman Obsidian C. Gronbech also contributed guitar are also played by Gronbech– he handles all instruments here except vocals. Khonsu on


progressive black metal / black metal / industrial black metal / progressive metal / avant-garde metal

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Khonsu

In Otherness
The Malady
The Host
Darker Days Coming
Inhuman States
So Cold
Va Shia (Into the Spectral Sphere)
Va Shia - Into the Spectral Sphere
Via Shia (Into The Spectral Sphere)


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