Like A Storm

Chris Brooks (vocals/guitar/programming/didgeridoo) Matt Brooks (vocals/guitar/programming) Kent Brooks (bass/vocals/programming) Thomas Karanasos (drums) On their debut album THE END OF THE BEGINNING, Like A Storm stir up a torrent of infectious hard rock. The Vancouver-based quartet's first full-length is an avalanche of captivating choruses and hard-hitting grooves, as exemplified by the first radio single Chemical Infatuation. Electronic textures and string flourishes cascade into a wall of distortion as vocal melodies hypnotize.


alternative rock / hard rock / rock / post-grunge / discoverockult

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Like A Storm

Just Save Me
Lie To Me
Love The Way You Hate Me
Chemical Infatuation
Gangsta's Paradise
Change Tomorrow
Don't Cry
What It's Like


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