Love Sex Machine

Sludge érotico-sataniste "These guys play in a way that sounds like apocalyptic slaughter and survivor, combine bands like White Mice and Kowloon Walled City and you feel like you want to pull out your flesh and feed it to yourself. In truth, it’s that kind of metal that makes it feel like you’re in a world of oblivion, where instruments are tuned down significantly and the feedback is just murderous as it is heavenly." Love Sex Machine on


sludge / post-metal / doom metal / sludge metal / math metal

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Love Sex Machine

Fucking Battle
Anal on Deceased Virgin
Deafening Peepshow
Plenty of Feelings
Killed With a Monster Cock
Vagina Curse
Antagonism Can STFU
Warstrike Takes the Piss
War Bone Spectrum Doom
Anal On A Deceased Virgin


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