No Address

Band Breakup The band announced their breakup on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 in a blog with the headline "The End". Here is the posted blurb: "I wish that I could be more specific about what happened. It's a long story and it doesn't matter anyhow. What matters is that the old makes way for the new. We are all still doing music in some capacity, some of us are together and some of us aren't. Bands break up, relationships change, music takes us other places. "Time Doesn't Notice" and the tours in 2005 were precious memories for all of us and YOU made that happen for No Address.


rock / alternative rock / post-grunge / alternative / grunge

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ No Address

When I'm Gone (Sadie)
Lasting Words
When I'm Gone
Love at Your Momentum
Love At You
When I'm Gone (Sadie) (Album Version)
Never Coming Back
Too Proud
How Could I?


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