DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since the year 2000. Before this well known Happy Hardcore DJ was discovered he was part of the rave scene, letting loose on the dance floor as a raver and stays close to his rave heritage even today. S3RL scored his first break at the end of 2005. When Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under, S3RL showed them his skills on one of the many demo cd's he had and it was only weeks later that Kevin Energy got back to him with a contract ready to sign.


happy hardcore / uk hardcore / hardcore / electronic / australian


Pika Girl
Pretty Rave Girl 2010 - Original Mix
Feel The Melody (feat. Sara)
Bass Slut - Original Mix
Happy Hardcore Tonight
Little Kandi Raver 2012
Pretty Rave Girl - Original Mix
Pretty Rave Girl


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