From the first smashing riffs of the new cd "The Sound of Simplicity" it is apparent that the Rochester, NY quartet Shelflyfe are on the road to something good. With their style, mixing melody and pop sensibilities with the drive and crunch of modern rock, they have a mass appeal yet still keep true to their roots. The band has played a multidtude of shows since their formation in early 2001 and proven that it takes a special breed of musicians and friends to deal with the industry and remain strong enough to not be chewed up and spit out with the newest trends.


alternative rock / hard rock / discoverockult / modern rock / rock

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Shelflyfe

Given Everything I Can
All Over Again
First Time
Memories Broken
This December
Feel My Life Again
Bury My Pain Down
This Life
Shut Out the World


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