Signs of Betrayal

Signs of Betrayal - An Arizona band comprised of talented homegrown musicians David Williams, Scott Ables, Colby Cordova, Steve Blodgett and Steve Schon. Rising to the top on the indie music scene is summed up with the cliché "You gotta pay your dues!” The coveted notoriety on the local and national scenes is something a band like S.O.B. gained through dedication, practice, playing and connecting with crowds, as well as rocking the house while headlining some of the southwest’s most popular venues.


ПОХОЖИЕ НА Signs of Betrayal ГРУППЫ

alternative metal / alternative rock / hard rock / alternative / rock

ДИСКОГРАФИЯ Signs of Betrayal

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Signs of Betrayal

My Song To You
To Remember
Dark Wings
Beneath The Skin
Lies Between
In This Skin
Torn Down


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