Surrender The Fall

Since forming in Memphis in 2005 we've been on a mission to produce powerful, meaningful, and downright honest rock fueled by explosive, evocative, guitar-driven sound led by driving vocals. We're Surrender the Fall. JARED COLE As a teen, Jared would play so much guitar he would have to use a razor blade to cut the callouses off his fingertips just so he could feel the strings. By the time he graduated high school, Jared was already playing out of town shows. His seasoned vocal stylings range from aggressive and driving to soft and melodic.


post-grunge / alternative rock / modern rock / hard rock / rock

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Surrender The Fall

Some Kind Of Perfect
Love Hate Masquerade
Where You Belong
Everything You Want Me To Be
Deeper Inside
I Don't Wanna Know
Into The Headlights


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