Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving’s music demands attention. Whether it’s through a live performance or a recording, the music demands that the listener devote their undivided consciousness to the experience. Vocals are scarce - but this is not background music. By way of a piano-led amalgamation of prog, post-rock, jazz, noise, metal and classical film soundtracks, TToL have crafted their own sound: sometimes intensely heavy, relentless and epic; at other times fragile and intricate.


post-rock / experimental / progressive / jazz / australian

ДИСКОГРАФИЯ Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Deep Rivers Run Quiet
Throw Us to the Wind
Deaden the Fields
Dance Before You Die
A Vexing Predicament
They Found My Skull in the Nest of a Bird
The World Is A Deaf Machine
Failed By Man


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