The Multiverse Concept The Multiverse Concept is the solo project of Aksheya Chandar. After joining Insanity Quotient as bassist, the project was thought of as a way to continue playing guitar, making music and putting it out there. The music, though predominantly metal aims to range through a multitude of different genres within metal, maybe even beyond. The name "The Multiverse Concept" is symbolic of the boundary-less musical possibilities that can exist in this project, and in music in general.


progressive metalcore / progressive metal / math metal / djent / indian

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ The Multiverse Concept

Inertia 1- It Won't Move
Defying Inertia
Resuming "I"
Collisions Within
Carnations Wilt Away
Inertia 2: It Won't Stop
Inertia 1: It Won't Move
Resuming 'I'
Resuming I


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