The Sunstreak

First known as One Year Nothing, they released an album on B and W records.[1] They played on the Vans Warped Tour in 2002 (before they knew how to play, according to vocalist Tony Rebis), and again in 2006—filling the "Bar-Ba_Q" slot, meaning they played and then cooked for the other bands.[2] Their first album sold 25,000 records in a month, becoming the second band in history to chart on Billboard not having a distribution deal.[1] [3] The band was named The Sunstreak when they released their major label debut, Once Upon A Lie,[4] on Merovingian, a sublabel owned by EMI.[2]


alternative / pop punk / rock / power pop / alternative rock


TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ The Sunstreak

Once Upon A Lie
Until I Met You
Great White Coma
Here I Go Again
Here In My Arms
Only For Tonight
By The Way
Good looks, Bad Intentions
I'm Through


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