Links: Officical Site Page Page Band: Jonas Hermansson: Vocals & Guitars Nisse Westfelt: Drums Joakim Hemming: Bass Guitar Early 2007, a late night afterparty, a pool, a smalltown hotel, Treadstone is formed. They're three guys with different musical backgrounds and influences but with the same vision of what a great rock band should sound like. With one leg in the 60's, like The Beatles, and the other in modern american rock the band begins writing songs. After a while they get in contact with the well-known producer Peter Mansson.


alternative rock / modern rock / post-grunge / trance / sweden

TOP-10 ТРЕКОВ Treadstone

Six Feet Under
Seven Seas
This Time
One Way Back
New Day Sun
Crash and Burn
Resides Inside
Come Undone


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